Dietary supplements

FlyingDog products are high quality dietary supplements, which help overextended dogs to reach better performances, but also to gain quality regeneration. Mineral Drink is a perfect way to give a dog plenty of fluids before a sport performance. During performance, Extra Energy Drink can support dog´s physical efficiency. After the race, performance, you can ensure quality and fast regeneration with After Drink. If your aim is to increase your dog’s muscle mass, either to improve its performance during work or sport or even injury, use Protein Drink.

In addition to drinks that help to irrigate and replenish vitamins and minerals, we also offer tablets containing everything needed to improve the quality of life of your four-legged friend. Gelatine nourishes joints and cartilages, helps to reduce joint pain, improves joint, cartilages and tendons regeneration. Calcium supports healthy development of bones and cartilages, protects against decalcification. Chondroitin plus releases rigidity of joints and helps to improve mobility. L-Carnitine accelerates metabolism and is suitable for obese dogs, as well as being a useful supplement for the treatment of heart, kidney disease and immune-compromised diseases. Vitamins & Minerals

Dagmar Nešněrová recommends

  • Flying Dog Gelatine – perfect supplement for burdened joints and paws.
  • Flying Dog Calcium – healthy strong bone is a precondition for a healthy joint.
  • Flying Dog Mineral Drink – water sufficiency – dogs really fly.
  • Flying Dog After – effective regeneration, we train according to our training plan


After Drink

Powder concentrate for preparation of recuperative protein – carbohydrate cocktail with anabolic impact. Speeds up regeneration after load

Protein Drink

Powder concentrate for preparation of protein recuperative building cocktail with high effect

Mineral Drink

Energy-rehydration iont and vitamin drink suitable before and during performance and also for refilling fluids throughout the day

Extra Energy Drink

Easy to digest and highly energy drink. Ideal before and during highly physical endurance exercise. Encourages dogs’ speed skills


Supplies important substances for improvement of nutrition of articular cartilages, tendons and ligaments


Efficient combination of natural milk complex of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals with casein phosphopeptides (CPP)

Chondroitin plus

Chondroitin plus provides three important substances, naturally occurring in articular cartilages, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.


L-Carnitine plus is a unique product that combines ingredients needed to stimulate the dog´s body. L-carnitine helps to transport and process fatty acids.

Vitamin & Mineral

VITAMINS & MINERALS is a complex of vitamins and minerals for the health of your dog. Vitamin C is important for proper development of bones, teeth, and collagen synthesis.