o nás

About us

We are an original Czech company whose purpose is a production and sale of high-quality dietary supplements for active or sport and work endured dogs. In 2005, thanks to our interconnection with the world of Czech cynology and the demand for available supplements for sport dogs, we started to work on the development of these supplements. It wasn’t a simple journey, but there was a gap in Czech market missing original products at the time, which needed to be imported from abroad with difficulties. That is why we co-operated with vets, nutritionists and also with the owners of sport dogs to develop supplements, which would help to improve the dog’s performance and quality convalescence. Therefore, from the very beginning, our products have been tested directly by those, for whom were they aimed at – sport dogs, working dogs and otherwise burdened. We gradually expanded our assortment for dogs in recovery after illness, surgery, obese dogs and those, whose owners just wanted to improve the quality of the dog’s active life.

Through our nutritional supplements, we would like to provide the best for dogs regardless of their age, load rate or breed. Anyone who wants to improve his or her dog’s quality of life, prevent age-related illnesses, help to regenerate faster and to grant more energy during any exercise, will reach for a nutritional supplement. Food enrichment with quality vitamins, minerals and others is appreciated not only by owners of racing dogs and operators of breeding units, but especially by dogs themselves.

It is quite common for athletes to use supplements designed to replenish nutrients before, during and after a performance. So why shouldn’t we grant such a thing to sport dogs? Our products are tested by racing dogs, by which there is a proven improvement in speed, endurance and overall resistance of the organism. Products have proven themselves in dog sports such as mushing, canicross, flyball, agility, coursing, sports cynology and others. Our aim is to help your dogs to have healthy joints and bones, but also to beautiful fur and strong teeth.