Flying Dog Dietary supplement for active and racing dogs

Flying Dog Dietary supplement for active and racing dogs

We are an original Czech company whose purpose is a production and sale of high-quality dietary supplements for active and sport or work endured dogs.

Through our nutritional supplements, we want to provide the best for dogs regardless of their age, load rate or breed.

Anyone who wants to improve his or her dog’s quality of life, prevent age-related illnesses, help to regenerate faster and to grant more energy during any exercise, will reach for a nutritional supplement. Food enrichment with high-quality vitamins, minerals and others will be appreciated not only by owners of racing dogs and operators of breeding units, but especially by dogs themselves.

Who uses FlyingDog


After Drink

Powder concentrate for preparation of recuperative protein – carbohydrate cocktail with anabolic impact. Speeds up regeneration after load

Protein Drink

Powder concentrate for preparation of protein recuperative building cocktail with high effect

Mineral Drink

Energy-rehydration iont and vitamin drink suitable before and during performance and also for refilling fluids throughout the day

Extra Energy Drink

Easy to digest and highly energy drink. Ideal before and during highly physical endurance exercise. Encourages dogs’ speed skills


Supplies important substances for improvement of nutrition of articular cartilages, tendons and ligaments


Efficient combination of natural milk complex of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals with casein phosphopeptides (CPP)

Recommendation from Dagmar Nešněrové

4 supplements for your champion

Think about joints, bones, but also about water sufficiency and sufficient regeneration


Exquisite supplement for burdened joints and paws


Healthy strong bone is a precondition for healthy joint


Water sufficiency – dogs really fly


Effective regeneration, we train according to our training plan